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March 15, 2018

A Career She Was Born To Do

“Absolutely I get dirty. But at the end of the day, the coveralls come off, you go home and take a shower and it’s like it never happened.”

That’s according to Emily Ruch, a Waste Management diesel technician working out of the North Sound facility outside of Seattle, Washington, who says getting a little dirty is a small price to pay for having found the right career. She is one of a small group of women across the company who work at maintaining our sizable fleet of trucks. According to Emily, it’s a role she was in some ways born to do.

“When it comes to needing hands that are small, to get into the dash or find the wire, they come to me,” she says.

To learn more about Emily, and how she got into the “fixing business,” you have to go way-way back. Back to when she was repairing cars alongside her dad as a kid – something she enjoyed doing so much that she decided to become a technician.

After graduating from Lake Washington Technical College, Emily had a stint as a ground support technician for an airline. However, her path changed quickly when she heard a radio ad for a career fair – an event that would lead her directly to Waste Management. You can learn more about her story by viewing the video below.

Today, Emily has been with the company for just under a year, and is keen to dispel some of the myths associated with being a female tech for a waste and recycling company. She cites good money, good benefits and a variety of work assignments as reasons why more women should consider it a career option. (She also points out that graduating from a tech school versus a four-year college means lower student loan debt.)

Emily – who is also co-chair of the automotive advisory committee at her alma mater – encourages other women not to think of tech work as strictly “a man’s field.” She enjoys her job and is planning to stick around until retirement. At Waste Management, she says she’s been treated with “nothing but equality.”

An event similar to the one that brought Emily to Waste Management – our National Career Day – is coming up on March 22. Find out more at

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