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April 30, 2015

Bridgestone Americas Inc. Facility Wins Prestigious Award for Innovative Diversion Efforts

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” This observation by Booker T. Washington perhaps most accurately exemplifies an achievement by Waste Management Sustainability Services (WMSS) and its customer that continues to earn accolades. A Bridgestone Americas Inc. (Bridgestone) passenger tire manufacturing facility recently was awarded Environmental Leader’s “2015 Top Project of the Year” award. This prestigious award was the result of a collaborative relationship between Bridgestone and Waste Management Sustainability Services. Environmental Leader’s recent recognition of this achievement acknowledges the continued pursuit of excellence by Bridgestone and WM, which was achieved in 2013 and validated by Underwriters Laboratories Environment (ULE) in 2014.

Bridgestone is committed to innovation that helps ensure no waste is sent to the landfill. WMSS Project Manager Ralph Wilhelm worked in partnership with Bridgestone environmental leadership to find sustainable options for the Wilson tire manufacturing facility’s non-productive output. Over the next few years, the facility’s diversion rate continued to increase, and in January 2013 the facility sent its last load of material to the landfill.

WMSS Consultant Jose De Leon then escorted Bridgestone through the process of having this accomplishment validated by ULE, one of the oldest and most respected safety and claim validation entities in the world. With the help of WMSS, the facility achieved ULE’s landfill waste diversion claim for “Zero Waste to Landfill”. The “Zero Waste to Landfill” tier is the highest claim validation awarded by ULE. Bridgestone became not only the first tire manufacturing facility to receive this designation, but also the first company in the world to earn ULE’s highest validation tier. This mark of excellence validates the determination of both Bridgestone and Waste Management to do common things in uncommon ways.

The end result of this project, and the recognition it has received, is indicative of the new heights we can achieve when we know our customers better, find innovative solutions for them, and extract more value from the material we manage.