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June 19, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Josh Haraf – Finding the Adventure in Every Day

15 years.

A lot of hats.

Thousands of miles logged.

Still, “Every day is an adventure” for Area Sales Director Josh Haraf. The “voice of sales for Eastern Canada,” as he likes to call himself, says there’s no such thing as a typical day on the job.

Josh has certainly made the rounds, showing tremendous adaptability in very different jobs: transfer station worker, customer service representative, account representative and strategic account manager. He’s zig-zagged from the Chicago-area, to Houston, to North Carolina, back to Houston and finally, Canada.

With so much travel under his belt, he now considers it a wise investment to stay grounded and spend about 50 percent of his time with his team, to “teach, coach, do performance management, and understand what’s going on with the business, to see where I can help and where I fit in.”

With the years of service and varied roles, Josh has gained valuable insight ꟷ into what makes a successful company and successful employees.

He doesn’t hesitate to cite transparency as the key to overall company success ꟷ internally, as well as in customer relations. Waste Management customers, he says, can be sure, “that we’re doing the right things; they don’t have to worry about safety, or what happens to their waste or recyclable material after it leaves their property. It’s going to be handled ethically and responsibly.”

While there are no cookie-cutter reps and no magic formula for success, Josh notes that traits commonly associated with success include, “good work ethic and consistency.”

Get a look at what it’s like to travel with Josh in the newly produced video giving an overview of his WM career:

The future continues to look green for Josh. “The next five to 10 years of our company are going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” he states confidently.

He never forgets that it’s Waste Management’s company culture that keeps him sticking around year after year, eagerly embracing the next challenge and the next adventure. “Everybody at the company wants everybody to be successful. That’s the biggest piece for me, that keeps me energized every day.”