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March 21, 2018

Finding the Right Chemistry at Waste Management

Careers begin in many ways.

For Reyna Javar, a Waste Management chemist in Arlington, Oregon, it was watching episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy and his brand of storytelling that sparked her love for what she now does for a living. Reyna remembers watching episode after episode growing up and wanting to run experiments the way Nye did. According to her, being a chemist is more than just nostalgic.

“It keeps the inner kid in me alive,” she says. “To be free and to try different things – that’s how I know I’ve found my passion.”

Just over two years ago, after getting a chemistry degree from Western Oregon University, Reyna came to work for Chemical Waste Management, Inc., a Waste Management company that specializes in the management, stabilization and disposal of hazardous materials. At the time, she was looking for a career in the environmental field and Waste Management’s reputation for environmental sustainability was a big draw.

When she tells people who she works for, she says, some people scratch their heads.

“When I explain that we get waste from large companies, including hazardous waste, they get a feel for what Waste Management does overall as a company and for protectinCarg our environment. It’s a versatile company.”

The science is fun, and her coworkers make the atmosphere special.

“Aside from the wonderful people I work with, nothing says ‘rewarding’ like working in a career of your passion.”

Since joining the Waste Management family, she’s seen the abundance of opportunities that exist for all career seekers, regardless of gender.

“There will always be great opportunities for women overall,” she says. “I believe in empowering the individuals you come into contact with and definitely encourage women to apply here.”

The upcoming Waste Management National Career Day on March 22 will spotlight many opportunities, enabling others to find their passion, as Reyna has. Find out more about Career Day here.

Learn more about career opportunities with Waste Management by visiting