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October 18, 2018

Waste Management Crew Digs for Lost Wedding Rings

We’ve all had those moments of panic – you worry that you lost your wallet, purse or worse your smartphone. Just imagine how it feels to lose something as precious as your wedding rings.

That’s what Carrie O’Brien of Columbia, Md., recently experienced when she realized she’d accidentally thrown away the rings while making dinner.

As soon as she found out, Carrie and her husband wasted no time tracking down the truck, and were eventually put in touch with the Annapolis-Junction Recycling and Transfer Station, operated by Waste Management.

According to District Manager Chris Isakov, the truck that picked up the O’Briens’ trash had not yet finished its morning route, and was headed to the facility.

Before it arrived, a team of searchers got ready by donning boots, gloves, safety vests, hard hats, and eye protection.

Eventually, the team emptied the right bag and – tah-dah! – there the rings were.

In the end, Carrie was so impressed by WM’s Annapolis-Junction crew that she felt the need to write directly to WM President & CEO Jim Fish.

“It is clear to us that without the values of your company, a story like this wouldn’t be possible,” Carrie said in her message. “WM owed nothing to us, it was my mistake, but the team members at this facility did everything they could to help, and through their diligence, were able to locate my rings.”

For his part, Chris was happy to help recover items that obviously meant a lot, even if it meant getting their hands a little dirty.

“I have enjoyed 18 successful years at Waste Management,” he said. “Few moments have been more gratifying than seeing the face of a person who just recovered their lost wedding rings against seemingly insurmountable odds. In the end, the pleasure was really ours.”