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February 28, 2018

Zero Waste Challenge: Home Edition

Since 2013, the Waste Management Phoenix Open has strived to achieve zero waste, meaning everything used throughout the weeklong event (from food and drinks to building materials and signage) is either reused, recycled, composted, donated or used to create energy. You can read more about that here.

For us, achieving zero waste at an event that takes in more than 700,000 people is a gargantuan feat – something we’ve dubbed our Zero Waste Challenge. But what about at a smaller scale? Can the same principles of the Waste Management Phoenix Open apply to a person’s home or apartment?

This year, we strove to find out. We posed the Zero Waste Challenge: Home Edition to our very own Abby Mendoza, who served as an intern at Waste Management for more than six months.

For one week, Abby endeavored to live a Zero Waste lifestyle, which took her down some unexpected paths, such as having a sweet potato and grapefruit lunch. Along the way, she recorded her experiences and you can check out the entertaining highlight video below.

Additionally, here are Abby’s top takeaways. What are some ways you reduce waste at home? Tweet us @WasteManagement to let us know.

Abby’s Top Zero Waste at Home Takeaways:

• It’s not that difficult ꟷ start off with the small stuff, like replacing plastic with reusable containers
• Groceries end up being cheaper
• You’ll feel healthier
• The small choices you make can make a big difference
• Mistakes happen, sometimes you can’t help it
• The environmental benefits of zero waste are important ꟷ and the biggest environmental benefit comes from reuse, so no new materials or energy are needed to make new packaging

And last but not least …

• It’s fun taking the challenge with others