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WM Opens $55 Million Renewable Natural Gas Facility in Dallas Area
Photo credit: Macy Alex on behalf of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce

Dallas is the First Market with Two WM RNG Sites in One Metroplex

Dallas, Texas – May 22, 2024 – WM today announced the opening of a new renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Lewisville, Texas, outside of Dallas. The nearly $55 million WM DFW RNG facility is expected to generate approximately 1.2 million MMBtu per year of RNG, which serves the equivalent of almost 55,000 households annually or the ability to fuel up to 1,100 heavy-duty vehicles per day.

WM has one of the largest landfill gas-to-energy platforms in North America and has been a renewable energy player for nearly 40 years. This is WM’s second RNG facility in the DFW area that will provide renewable energy to North Texans at this scale, with the first facility opening in 2020 in Ferris, Texas, at WM’s Skyline RNG facility. It is also part of WM’s broader planned investments in renewable energy, which are expected to be more than $1 billion from 2022 through 2026.

“We are proud to bring more renewable energy to the Dallas area as part of our continued sustainability growth strategy,” said Tara Hemmer, chief sustainability officer, WM. “Renewable natural gas captured at our landfills is recognized as a lower-emission renewable fuel source that can power communities and natural gas vehicles.”

The DFW RNG facility processes landfill gas captured from the WM DFW Landfill as organic material decomposes to create RNG. Today, WM owns or hosts 22 RNG facilities at its landfills that convert landfill gas into pipeline-quality RNG. WM’s RNG is pushed directly into natural gas pipelines, providing a lower-emission energy source for communities across North America.

“We’re excited to have the potential opportunity to double our renewable natural gas output in the Dallas area by adding a second RNG facility in Lewisville,” said Domenica Farmer, area vice president, WM Texas Oklahoma. “Together with the WM Skyline RNG facility in Ferris, this new facility will provide renewable energy to the community and beyond for years to come.”

More than 20 RNG facilities are expected to be included in WM’s 2022-2026 investment plan, which could power up to 1.7 million homes and support WM maximizing the allocation of RNG to its natural gas collection fleet. Today, nearly half of the fuel allocated to WM’s natural gas fleet comes from renewable sources.

“We always welcome projects that align with The Lewisville 2025 Vision Plan, which focuses on leadership in sustainability, including energy efficiency that this project provides,” said T.J. Gilmore, mayor of Lewisville. “With WM’s expertise, we know the DFW RNG facility will be a shining example of how we put sustainability into action in our growing and vibrant community.”

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